Moneycontrol Screener: Product Review

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Let me tell you a brief history of the Indian stock market. Back in the days when computers were not popular, we still used to trade through floor trading which was also known as Pit; where traders gathered in the exchange physically, where they use to buy and sell security using the open outcry method of trading, i.e a trader would to announce the price at which he wanted to buy and sell any security and other traders use to shout (out-cry) if they were interested in accepting that offer. Too much chaos and confusion and of course, shouting.

We have come a loooonnggg way now! 😋

Just buying and selling was this difficult; analysing stocks were off the table back in those days. But today, things have changed, and everything such as stock analysis tools, company information etc., is at the fingertips of the user through finance apps and websites. We are excited to share our review of one such popular finance portal, Moneycontrol. So, let's get started.  

Money Control Overview

Moneycontrol as I know it has always been the go-to platform for any stock and market-related news. This financial portal came into existence in the late ’90s. 

According to their website, They launched just when bursting of the dotcom bubble was about to nearly bring down both financial markets and the fledgling world wide web, and they couldn't have chosen a more difficult time to launch. But fast forward to the present, now they are easily the country's greatest source of financial information. has monthly traffic of 17 Million (huge, right? 😋), and today we are excited to review its stock analysis tools for you. So, let's get started with its key features. 

Key Features

As we all know that moneycontrol is a platform that provides financial news but as a matter of fact it provides various tools to support your investing and trading decisions. If you search for a scrip name along with its share price, moneycontrol will show the following information such as

Chart: As the name suggests, it provides information about charting patterns of the scrip with additional features like trendline tools, Gann & Fibonacci tools, Geometric tools, patterns etc as shown in the image below. 


News: As we discussed earlier, the news is the crux of So here it is. But the difference is the news displayed will be related to your stock search. 

Forum: In this section, you will find community sentiments and opinions on the stock you are searching for. 

Research: In this section, you will find the research report of the stock you are searching for from different brokers such as ICICI direct, Motilal Oswal, BNP Paribas and more. 

Deals: As we all know that heavy and bulk transactions can majorly affect the share price. In this section, you will get information about the Block deals & Bulk deals carried out in the stock you are searching for. A Block deal is a single transaction of a minimum quantity of five lakh shares or a minimum value of INR 5 Crore. On the other hand in Bulk Deal, the transaction is greater than 0.5% of the share capital of the company. 

Insider Transaction summary: As the name suggests, this section, will tell you about the transaction carried out by people related to the company. Below is the image of the insider transaction summary of TCS you can find on the website.

Additional information: The additional information provided in terms of your stock search is,  Corporate Action, Financials, Shareholding, Peer comparison and such.

That’s the features and information to which every user have access too. But the portal provides additional features for the premium users as follows.  

Premium features to look out for

-MC SWOT analysis: Here, you can do a comprehensive analysis of stocks in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats. As a decision-maker, this feature is helpful for a 360 (degree) overview of stock. 

-Big Shark Portfolio: Well, aren't we curious about how the “big guys” or ace investors are investing. So, pretty much, this feature tells us about that, tell us about the portfolio of the super investors. 

-Economic Calendar: This feature lets you track the significant economic events worldwide and their impact on the market. 

-Money control research: This feature will likely provide the research reports that the Money control team will prepare. 

Well, these were the top features; some other add ones that money control offers with its premium plans are, Ad-free experience, access to various exclusive stories per month, weekly investment ideas, access to live webinars, daily and weekly insights bundles in the form of newsletters.  


Okay. The time has come for the ‘pate ki baat’  that is, how much do you have to pay for the premium version. So you know, plenty of the features on the website are free but some, which we discussed above, are not. The subscription prices are divided into monthly and yearly plans as follows: 

1 Month Plan


1 Year Plan


3 Year Plan


What Do you think about these bifurcated plans? Tell us your views in the comment section. 😄

That's it with the information about the product, Now is the time to get critical with all the pros & cons in the next section. 

The Good & The Bad

The things we like

Compiled information from various sources: With moneycontrol you will find almost all kinds of information related to the stock you are searching such as latest news, financials, company updates and such all compiled in one place.  

Collaborations: Moneycontrol has collaborated with various platforms such as Trendlyne, Financial times and more. Which helps in providing better and more insightful information. 

Financial news: This is one of the oldest and best portals for the latest updates as far as news related to financial & capital markets is concerned.  

Good technical analysis tools: The advanced chart available for the stocks includes various add on features and tools for understanding the price movements clearly. 

Reliable information: The information given in the portal is expected to be highly reliable.

Unique Features: Some of the information provided about the stock such as, the insider trading summary or deals are unique and insightful. 

What could have been better

More features would have been a plus: It seems like more features for in-debt research could be added. A lot of emphasis has been given to technical analysis only.

Generic information: Definitely, a lot of information about a stock is given, but all of it seems very generic. 

Less fundamental analysis tools: There are various technical analysis tools present, but a lot of fundamental analysis tools are not present for free.  

Fundamental VS Technical Analysis

As I discussed above, according to us,  moneycontrol portal lacks unique tools related to fundamental analysis. For the ease of understanding of the reader, Fundamental Analysis is the method of finding the true value of the stocks through historical data, internal & external information and more. The factors taken into consideration help to find out the actual worth of the company. This is basically done for long term investment. On the other hand, Technical analysis is basically carried out for short-term purposes. 

In a nutshell, Technical analysis is used by traders but fundamental analysis is used by investors. And you know what, If you feel moneycontrol does not cater to your ‘investor’ needs with its features. We want to introduce some amazing free & premium features 👑 of Ticker by finology. 

Ticker By Finology

Ticker is one of the fastest-growing Stock screening, equity research and company analysis tool and one of the key products offered by finology one. 

Truly, it has plenty of features but today, take a look at these ones. 

Key Features for Fundamental Analysis 

Sectorwise ratio

Personalised Screener

Premium features

DCF Calculator: DCF Analysis and Earnings Multiple Approach allow the investor to find the fair and future value of the desired stock.

Dupont Analysis:  Du Pont analysis helps you to find the most important drivers in the return ratios

Commonsize statement: Common Size Income Statement and Balance Sheet will further help you to analyze the financial statements of the company.

The Final Verdict

In the end, what we want to say about is that it is one of the most trusted portal that provides good insights into the industry. Some of the features we think were best are, Forum, obviously the news section & deals. We won't say that there is no fundamental information given about the stock, it's just that there was an absence of a few unique valuation tools. 

All in all, We would like to rate the portal in terms of fees, features and our overall experience as follows. 

What do you think about it? Do tell us in the comment box! 

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