After bell market wrap-up : 23rd June 2021

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Hey, fellow stock market maniacs. A busy day at the office/home? Missed the market chimes? Worry not, Finology presents you with all things important from the markets today. Hop in.

Today was a rough day for the markets. Most of the stocks ended up in red, with the oil and gas sector being the biggest loser. Consumer durables and Auto managed to end in green. That’s just not it. 

Snippet of markets today

  • Heineken buys additional shares in United Breweries. The deal was worth 39.64 million, increasing its stake to 61.50. Following this, UB traded 1.83% down. 
  • Moody’s Investment Service slashed the rates to 9.6% from the earlier estimated 13.9%. 
  • In the IPO corner, India pesticides got 83% subscribed on the very 1st day. 
  • Yet another downfall for Adani, as the Nordic fund divests from its Myanmar project. 

Here are a few stocks that were in the news today:

Quarterly results

  • Sobha stocks after the quarterly results were down by approximately 3%. Precision Wires also reported a higher profit. 
  • Bharat Electronics shares jumped by 2% after its quarterly results. Jaypee Infratech reports a loss. 

Indices today


Closing price 

% change 

Nifty 50



Nifty Auto 



Nifty Bank 



Nifty IT 



Nifty Pharma






Top gainers today

Top losers today

The US stocks recover, and the tech stocks are to be thanked. The Bitcoin ended in green but still failed to make up to its last week highs. While the Indian markets traded dull today, the global markets saw a mixed trend. In short, Wednesday failed to enthuse the stock market. 

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow..

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