CLAT UG 2024: 60 Days Preparation Strategy

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Are you prepared or preparing for CLAT UG 2024? Well! Whatever the scenario, we are always there to help. The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an important step for those aspiring to pursue a career in law. But don't worry, with the right approach and 60 days of dedicated preparation, you can boost your chances of success. 

Also, there’s a surprise for you as well.We have brought you a complete mentor for CLAT LLB authored by Ms. Priya Jain. Read until the end to know what’s in this guide for you.

In this article, we will share a 60-Day preparation plan to pass the CLAT exam with flying colours. 

60 days CLAT 2024 Preparation Strategy 

If you have only 2 months left in hand for your exam, here’s what you should do in the first and second month respectively:

Month 1: We are presuming you have gone through the entire syllabus and exam pattern, so now focus on covering the important parts of CLAT syllabus in the first 15-20 days of this Month 1 by devoting 8-10 hrs. Start with the easier topics first followed by the tougher topics. 

Month 2: Now is the time for regular practice by attempting previous years’ CLAT question papers, sample papers and mock tests with timer. Practice as much as you can to get an actual exam-like experience to boost your confidence. Devote more time towards improving your weaker subjects/topics for the exam. 

  1. Day 1 to 10

Start reading reliable newspapers such as The Indian Express, The Hindu etc. until the date of your exam. Prioritize subjects like GK including Static GK from 2017 onwards. (Economics, Environment, Art, Literature, Geography), Current Affairs and Legal (Criminal Law, Constitutional Law) as they hold maximum weightage. Finish as much as you can.

  1. Day 11 to 20

Now, Complete the remaining General knowledge and Legal Aptitude Sections from the past 10 days such as GK for Science, History, UN and other important organizations, Legal Topics like Legal maxims, Law of Tort, and Contract Act.

  1. Day 21 to 30

Start with the Logical Reasoning Section including Blood Relations, Statement Assumptions, Conclusions, Analogies, Logical Puzzles, Direction Problems, Inference and Judgement, Syllogism, Calendar and Clock, Coding/Decoding, Logical Deduction, Assertion and Reasoning, Causes and Effects. Then, the Verbal Ability Section- Direct and indirect Speech, Reading Comprehension, Idioms and Phrases, Active and Passive Voice, Error Correction, Sentence Corrections, Word Substitutions & Fill-Ups.

  1. Day 31 to 40

Start with the Quantitative Aptitude Section such as Age Problems, Speed and Distance Problems, Profit Loss, Time & Work, Interest (Simple and Compound), Average, Ratio and Proportion, Basic Math.

  1. Day 41 to 50

Start Solving Previous Year Question Papers for the last 5 years and constantly do side revisions of GK and Legal Aptitude along with the memorization of Important Mathematical Formulas

  1. Day 51 to 60

For the remaining last 10 days, it is important to practice Mock Tests, at least 2-3 mock tests each day. Analyze your performance in each mock test. But do not give up on the revision of important concepts.

List of important topics for your CLAT UG 2024

  1. English

Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary Based Questions

Figure of Speech




Active and Passive Voice


Concord (Subject-verb agreement)

Spotting Grammatical Errors

Verbs formation

Verbs Usage


  1. Quantitative Analysis

Volume & Surface Area


Basic Algebra



Ratio & Proportion

Time & Distance

Data Interpretation


  1. Legal Reasoning

Legal Maxims

Legal Terms

Indian Constitution


Criminal Law


Landmark Judgments

Current Affairs Related to Law (Judgments/ Bills/ Acts etc.)


  1. Logical Reasoning

Basic of Logic


Forcefulness of Arguments


Premises & Conclusion

Strengthening & Weakening Arguments


Courses of Action

Course & Effect



  1. Current Affairs & Static GK

Current Affairs

Economy, Science


International Events

Major developments in sports

Geopolitics and Important international agreements

Awards & honors

Eminent personalities

Static GK

Contemporary issues from India & world

International Affairs

Arts & Culture


Recommended Book By Us: A Complete Mentor for CLAT LLB 

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