Tips and Tricks to remember Indian constitution

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How can I memorize the articles of the Constitution? What are the easy ways to remember all the Fundamental Rights? What are the tricks to remember Parts of the Constitution? These are some of the questions every law student seeks answers to!

The Constitution of India is considered to be one of the lengthiest and most detailed documents when compared to other countries. And only the law students will know how difficult the task of remembering 448 articles, 25 parts and 12 schedules is! What if we tell you there are some easy ways to remember all this? So here we will be discussing some tips and tricks to remember the Important Articles, Parts and Schedules of the Constitution.

So starting with the Parts of the Constitution- When the Constitution came into force, there were just 22 Parts, and now currently, we have 25 Parts. We created these short tricks that will help you remember the Parts of the Indian Constitution.

Schedule of the Constitution

Did you know that in the Indian Constitution, Schedules help in categorizing bureaucratic activity and government policy? The Government of India Act in 1935 included 10 Schedules in the Constitution, and currently, there are 12 Schedules in the Constitution.

Every law student or someone who has to study the Constitution of India has to learn the lengthy and tricky articles, Parts and Sources in it. So these were some very important ways by which you can learn them easily and in an understandable manner. I hope you found this article informative!

Tricks to learn the Indian Constitution, say goodbye to confusion, and let us make the Indian Constitution a walk in the park by reading this article!

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