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For every advocate, lawyer, or law student, legal drafting and research can either make or break a case. However, using traditional tools for drafting and researching can be really challenging. These tools often give inaccurate results, require weeks to complete drafts, and involve significant expenses for multiple subscriptions. 

But fortunately, Draft Bot Pro is an AI legal drafting + research application developed by Rare Labs that aims to address this issue. The same company developed Law Bot Pro, an AI-based application that has revolutionized the way people do legal research. 

About Rare Labs

Rare Labs are the developers of Law Bot Pro and Draft Bot Pro. Since the launch of Law Bot Pro in May of 2023, Law Bot Pro has helped over 3,36,127+ people get access to pro-bono legal informative aid and has now turned it into a full-fledged AI-powered legal research application. This journey allowed Rare Labs to see the huge need of revolutionizing the stale legal tech space and led them to launch their second product, Draft Bot Pro.

"My father is a first-generation lawyer with over 40 years of experience in the Supreme Court of India. Since childhood, I have seen him be busy all the time, even during weekends. I don't want lawyers to continue to do legal drafting and research like they have been doing for the past 74 years, they can save a considerable amount of time and be better at both those tasks by using our AI-powered applications." says Mandaar Mukesh Giri, founder of Rare Labs and an Advocate at the Supreme Court of India.

Meet Draft Bot Pro!

Draft Bot Pro was developed to tackle all the issues lawyers face daily. By using the most advanced AI technology, it allows anyone to - 

  • Draft any highly specialized legal document in minutes just by uploading a reference document or by typing what the user wants it to draft along with some facts of the matter.
  • Do the most accurate legal research based on the facts of the matter at the same time, without typing anything.
  • Generate arguments for and against the user to better prepare them for the case.
  • Summarize any document and ask questions about it.
  • And much more.

"We've designed Draft Bot Pro to be a true productivity booster for lawyers. Not only does it save them time and money, but it also ensures that the documents they produce are of the highest quality, enhancing their overall service to their clients" says Mandaar.

How does Draft Bot Pro benefit your Legal Practice?

Draft Bot Pro does more than just draft documents. The application also features a robust AI legal research function, allowing lawyers to quickly and easily access the most relevant case law and legal provisions for their specific cases. 

Mandaar explains, "The ability to conduct comprehensive legal research in a matter of minutes combined with drafting a document is a game-changer. It allows lawyers to be better prepared and more confident in their approach, ultimately leading to better outcomes for their clients. "

Rare Labs' commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in the ongoing development of Draft Bot Pro, which keeps all user sessions private and confidential. The application is currently in beta, with updates and feature enhancements scheduled for the upcoming months. 

And to make it even more enticing, Rare Labs is offering Draft Bot Pro at a 99% discount for the first month, making it an irresistible opportunity for any lawyer aiming to enhance efficiency and stay ahead. 

"We're truly excited about the potential of Draft Bot Pro to transform the legal profession," Mandaar says. "By empowering lawyers with the power of AI, we're not just improving efficiency and saving time, we are also helping the common citizen whose cases can now be disposed faster as all essential legal tasks can be done 10x faster and better with our tools ."

In a nutshell, if you're a lawyer looking to save time and deliver exceptional service to your clients, it's time to meet Draft Bot Pro—the AI-powered legal drafting and research application that is a must-have in your legal arsenal and is already trusted by over 2,713 legal professionals.

Try Draft Bot Pro now and see how it completely revolutionises your legal workflow - Official Website

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