Election Day 101: Steps to Guide on How to Vote for Election 2024

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India is all set to vote in the world's largest-ever general election, setting the stage for 97 crore voters and 2600 political parties to join 'Chunav ka Parv, Desh ka Garv' in just over six weeks. 

Whether you're a first-time voter or looking to refresh your knowledge of the voting process and how do you go about it, this blog is tailored just for you. We're here to guide you through the steps of voting, making it easy to understand and empowering for everyone. Let's get the ball rolling!

Entry at Polling Station

A. The Election Commission of India fixes the election date and timing, which are well-publicised before all elections.

B. When you reach the polling station, entry will be regulated by queues. There will be separate queues for men, women, and physically handicapped voters. 

C. The persons who enforce the queues will allow 3 to 4 voters into the polling station at a time. 

D. Physically handicapped voters and women voters with babies in arms will be given precedence over the other voters in the queue. 

Step 1: 

A. When you enter the polling station, you will go to the First Polling Officer, who is in charge of the marked copy of the voter list and is responsible for identifying voters. 

B. Make sure you have your identity document ready to show to the First Polling Officer. The First Polling Officer will then call out your name and serial number so that the polling agents become aware of your presence and your identity is not challenged. 

Step 2: 

A. After that, if your identity is not challenged, you will move to the Second Polling Officer, who will mark your left index finger with indelible ink. Thereafter, he will proceed to record your serial number in the Register of Voters. 

B. Once this is recorded, you must sign in the appropriate column in the Register of Voters. If a voter cannot sign, his/her thumb impression will be obtained. 

C. The Second Polling Officer will then give you a signed voter's slip, which will record your serial number in the register of voters and on the voter list. 

Step 3: 

A. You will then proceed to the Third Polling Officer, who will take the voter's slip issued to you by the Second Polling Officer. 

B. The Third Polling Officer will press the "Ballot" button on the voting machine's control unit and direct you to the voting compartment, where you will record your vote on the balloting unit. 

C. Please note that each voter will proceed to the voting compartment in exactly the same sequence in which his/her serial number is recorded in the voters' register. 

Voting Procedure: Ready, Set, Vote!

  • Inside the voting compartment, you are to press the blue candidate button on the Balloting Unit against the name and symbol of the candidate of your choice. 
  • Press the button only once. 
  • On the candidate button being pressed, the red lamp will glow against the name and symbol of that candidate. 
  • There will also be a beep sound to indicate that your vote has been recorded, and the Busy lamp will go off in the Control Unit. 
  • This process is repeated for other voters till the end of the poll.

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Election Day Dos and Don'ts 

Election Day Dos and Don'ts

Violation of Secrecy is an Offence

Every voter is expected to maintain the secrecy of voting, and in case of failure to maintain secrecy, the voter may not be permitted to vote. 

Any person who violates the secrecy will be booked for an offence under the Representation of People Act. Therefore, you should not disclose to anyone you have voted for. 

Similarly, if any election official attempts to obtain information on who you have voted for, it will amount to an offence committed by that official. 

Photography of a voter casting vote is prohibited. It may also be noted that no polling official or agent can enter the voting compartment under the pretext of helping you vote. You can, however, be permitted to take a companion of not less than 18 years with you to record your vote if you require such assistance due to any physical infirmity.

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As India gears up for the 2024 elections, it's important to understand and follow the voting process outlined by the Election Commission of India. From entry at the polling station to casting your vote in secrecy, every step matters. 

Let's participate in this general election of 2024 with responsibility and enthusiasm, ensuring that every vote counts towards building a stronger democracy.

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