Internship Opportunity at NUSRL Ranchi: Limited Vacancies!

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As we approach the end of the year, it's a great time to explore new job opportunities. If you're looking for a chance to make a meaningful impact, consider applying for the role of Program Coordinator at the Department of Personnel and Training in the Capacity Building Commission. This position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to organisational development and grow your career. The application deadline is 15 December, so don't wait too long to submit your application.

Good luck, and let’s delve into the details of this internship opportunity.

About NUSRL Ranchi

The National University of Study and Research in Law, situated in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, hosts the Center for Study and Research in Intellectual Property Rights (CSIRPR). Renowned as a top-notch hub for Intellectual Property Law in North India, the Centre emerged to meet the growing needs of scientists, lawyers, technologists, and companies. Its mission is to deepen understanding of patents, trademarks, design, and copyright law, with a keen interest in emerging areas like software protection and biotechnological inventions. The CSIRPR conducts various interdisciplinary activities, including research, conferences, and community service, gaining recognition nationally and internationally.

About the Internship Opportunity

  • Duration: One-month internship

  • Focus Areas: In-depth exploration of Intellectual Property Law and related fields

  • Case Study Topic: Interns must choose a topic related to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with a socio-legal aspect

  • Selection Process:

    • CV Selection

    • Interview

  • Interview Stage:

    • Shortlisted students discuss their chosen topic with the panel.

    • The panel assesses the suitability of the topic for the internship.

    • Adjustments or a new topic assignment may occur during the interview.

  • Opportunity Highlights: This is an exciting chance for hands-on exploration and learning in the domain of Intellectual Property Law!

Number of Vacancies




Roles and Responsibilities

Interns must prepare one well-researched article on the topic or case laws assigned to them by the Centre. Submission of the assigned work has to be made within the provided deadlines.

Domains of the topic:

  • Patent

  • Trademark

  • Copyright

  • Designs

  • Integrated Circuit

  • Trade Secrets

  • Plant variety Patent & Farmers right

  • Bio-Diversity


Applicants for this internship should pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate legal studies in a college/university recognised by the Bar Council of India or any other institution of prominence within India or abroad.

Relevant Dates

  • Deadline for Application: 15 December 2023.

  • Interview Round: 20 December 2023 onwards.

  • Release of names of selected interns: 5 January 2024 (tentative).

  • Commencement of Internship: 1 February 2024.

  • End of Internship: 29 February 2024.

How to Apply?

Apply by filling out the form given at the end.

Application Deadline

December 15, 2023.

Contact Information

For any query, feel free to contact

Click here to Apply for this internship.

Click here to view the Official Notification.

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