How to Prepare For CLAT PG Exam

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CLAT PG is one of the most popular law exams in India. With over 8000 candidates appearing in this exam, its difficulty level is constantly increasing. The CLAT PG exam is conducted every year for admitting eligible candidates to the LLM program offered by the 22 participating NLU's and only the top 5% of the total candidates are selected for various national law schools so, in order to be on this list, a student must have the right attitude towards the exam and its preparation. So, it gets necessary to strategise for the exam accordingly. Read this article to get well-versed with some interesting strategies to crack this exam!

The Clat consortium expects that a student should be well aware of various important subjects that they have read in their law schools. A student in order to have the edge over others must know the legal nuances and provisions of significant law subjects like constitutional law, company law, Criminal procedure code, jurisprudence etc. Usually, CLAT PG exams include both subjective and objective questions, however, since 2020 subjective part has not been included due to the pandemic. Also, this year in 2022, Consortium has not yet updated about the subjective part of the paper. With less than 6 months remaining for the exam, the students must utilize this time properly and prepare well for this particular exam.

Have a look at these Points to Remember:

  • The new pattern should be kept in mind while preparing for the examination and students should know all the important current changes/ amendments in the legal field. 
  • The significant amendments since 2019, landmark and recent judgments should be thoroughly understood as these are important areas in which a student’s knowledge and awareness are tested. 

So here we will be discussing the strategy one should adopt while preparing for it. The new pattern focuses mainly on comprehension- based questions, which expects that one should have a lot of reading. 

What can be the Strategies to Crack CLAT PG?

  1. When is the Right Time to Start?- Every student should know the right time to start as the recent pattern of LLM exams has grown even more difficult & lengthy. Therefore, a minimum of 6 months- time span is mandatory for every law student to keep in hand in order to make proper preparations.
  2. Subject Analysis - You should be able to do a proper subject analysis. You should know about the subjects that are most important and the subjects that are least important. Constitutional law, advanced jurisprudence, criminal law, family law and international law are the most important subjects whereas subjects like contract act, environmental law should be given the least importance.
  3. Keep in touch with Current Affairs- You should develop a habit of reading current affairs on a daily basis as it will help you know more about the recent developments, amendments and updates that will help you cover the secondary subjects.
  4. Mapping of cases - You should also start mapping of cases, say if you are reading about sedition then you should also read the relevant landmark and recent cases.
  5. How to read faster?- You should also develop a habit of reading faster which is possible if you practice mock test papers on a daily basis and solve the comprehensive based questions most often.

Eligibility Criteria for Clat 2022 exam


Eligibility Criteria for CLAT PG

Minimum educational qualification

3 year LLB or 5-year integrated LLB

Minimum qualifying marks

50% (45% in case of SC and ST candidates)

Age limit

Not applicable

Marking Scheme

  • Total marks: 120
  • For every wrong answer- 0.25 marks are deducted.
  • For every correct answer- One mark is awarded.
  • No marks shall be given/reduced for questions not attempted.

Other CLAT PG Strategies

Start Early: CLAT PG is an exam which tests the concepts you’ve learned in your law school. Keep revising the basics and important topics you have learnt in your three/five years of law and at the same time stick to the syllabus. 

Devote sufficient time to learn the tips and tricks to learn various Sections/Articles and case laws.

Create a study plan: Analyze your strength and weakness and the work upon them accordingly. The areas in which you can lag should be given importance. 

Revision is the key: Be consistent with your revision practice.

Solve as many MCQs as you can: As this year’s exam consists of Comprehensive based questions, one should do exhaustive reading to tackle any multiple-choice question. Solving question papers is a great confidence booster for some. In case you want to practice mock tests, you can go through our tests on Clat PG 2020.

Proper time management: To make the utmost utilization of your time, make a strategy of how much time you need for a particular subject/ section.

Go through the previous year's papers: Irrespective of the change in the exam pattern to comprehensive based MCQs, one should not forget to give a bare reading to the past year papers. It helps you understand the areas from which questions were asked. You can access the past year papers here!


So, it takes rigorous preparation for one to crack the CLAT PG exam. One should be ready whether the paper comes easy or rather difficult. First of all, the student should have done exhaustive reading of the important subjects, and then revision of it every now and then makes one well prepared for the final examination.

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