Top 10 Current Affairs August 2023

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The month of August has truly been eventful from the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3 to the conclusion of BRICS Summit. The month also embraces the celebration of India’s 76th Independence Day, Rakshabandhan, Hiroshima Day,  Nagasaki Day, International Youth Day, Malaysia National Day etc.

So, let’s wrap up the top 10 Current Affairs for August 2023 in this article that we have especially cherry- picked for you.

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Top 10 Current Affairs of August 2023

Chandrayaan-3 Launch Updates: ISRO successfully performs second  orbit-raising manoeuvre | Mint
Source: Mint
  1. Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the moon

India has finally landed on the moon and became the only country in the world to land on the lunar south pole. India is now the fourth country to land after the United States, Russia & China. Let's delve in a little more!

  • Undeterred by the challenges of Chandrayaan 2, India geared up for Chandrayaan 3 and the successful landing became a huge victory for our country.

  • Chandrayaan 3 holds immense significance as it aims to achieve a soft landing on the Moon and showcases India's resilience and determination in space exploration. 

  • The mission is poised to overcome the challenges faced by Chandrayaan 2 and establish India's credibility in precision lunar landings. 

LG slams Delhi government for making false statements in high court |  Latest News Delhi - Hindustan Times
Source: Hindustan Times
  1. Government of NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Act, 2023- President Murmu gives Assent to Multiple Bills 

The President of India Droupadi Murmu gave her assent to following Bills in the Monsoon Session 2023- National Dental Council, The Indian Institutes of Management (Amendment) Bill 2023, The Digital Data Protection Bill 2023, The Registration of Births and Deaths (Amendments) Bill 2023, The JanVishwas (Amendment of Provisions) Bill 2023, Central Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill 2023, Integrated Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill 2023. 

One of the most significant acts was the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Act, 2023. Let's check this out a little:

  • The Act established the National Capital Civil Services Authority, which consists of the Chief Minister, the Chief Secretary of Delhi, Principal Home Secretary of Delhi. It empowers the LG to exercise his sole discretion on several matters. 

  • As it will comprise the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary of Delhi, and Principal Home Secretary of Delhi. This Authority is tasked with making recommendations to the LG concerning transfers, postings of officials, disciplinary matters, and prosecution sanctions of certain All India Services.

INS Vindhyagiri': 10 things to know about India's technologically advanced  Project 17A Frigate | Mint
Source: Mint
  1. INS Vindhyagiri Launched

President Murmu launched 'Vindhyagiri', an advanced frigate of the Indian Navy. She said, "The ship is aptly named after the 'Vindhya' ranges, which have been a symbol of fortitude. I am confident that when this warship gets commissioned, it will symbolize the robustness of the Vindhyas."

  • Indian Naval Ship (INS) Vindhyagiri is the 6th ship of Project 17A (Alpha) Frigates of the Indian Navy (IN).

  • Built under Project 17A frigate and is the 6th of the 7 ships being built under it. It is an advanced version of its predecessor, Project 17 Class Frigates (Shivalik Class). 

  • Project 17A- The P17A ships classified as guided missile frigates have been designed in-house by the Indian Navy’s Warship Design Bureau. The ships under Project 17A are being constructed by - Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilder Limited (MDL) & Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE).

Source: IAS Gyan
  1. 7 Products get GI Tag 

GI tags are issued by the Geographical Indications Registry in Chennai under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI). The bifurcation is as such: 

  • Tamil Nadu tops the GI chart with 58 Tags.

  • Uttar Pradesh holds the second position with 51 GI products.

  • This is followed by Karnataka (48), Kerala (36), and Maharashtra (34).




4 products- Udaipur Koftgari Metal Craft ,Bikaner Kashidakari Craft , Bikaner Usta Kala Craft , Jodhpur Bandhej Craft 


2 products- Goa Mankur Mango (Malcorado or Mankurad), Goan Bebinca Food Stuffs 

Uttar Pradesh

1 product- Jalesar Metal Craft (Jalesar Dhatu Shilp)


Aero India 2023: Nag ATGM set for Indian Army induction
Source: Janes
  1. India’s Indigenous Nag ATGM and Helina Dhruvastra Missiles Set to Join Indian Armed Forces 

Indigenous Nag Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) & its helicopter-launched variant HELINA (Dhruvastra) are ready for induction into the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.

  • Nag ATGM is the surface-to-air missile and Dhruvastra is the air-to-surface missile.

  • This has been developed by the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) and manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited(BDL).

  • This Nag ATGM developed under the integrated guided missile development programme (IGMDP) includes:  Prithvi - Agni - Trishul - Nag - Akash.





Anti-tank guided missile  (intercept and destroy armored vehicles/ tanks)


3rd generation 

Next version of NAG 3rd generation 

Missile type 

Surface-to-air missile  

Air-to-surface missile  

Operational range

4 km 

7 km


Utility helicopter (Rudra/ Prachanda)  

Advanced light helicopter (ALH) 


A wall of BRICS': The significance of adding six new members to the bloc |  News | Al Jazeera
Source: Al Jazeera
  1. BRICS Summit conducted from Aug 22nd to 24th

The Summit was scheduled from Aug 22nd to 24th in Johannesburg, South Africa which received immense attention as leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) gathered under the host, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

  1. As per the recent development, BRICS invited Saudi Arabia & 5 other nation to join bloc, PM Modi congratulates new members. So, Bloc adds Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina and UAE.

  2. India and China have agreed to step up efforts for the disengagement of troops and de-escalation of tensions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) after a conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Several priorities were listed for the BRICS Summit 2023:

  • “Developing a partnership towards an equitable just transition. 

  • Transforming education and skills development for the future.

  • Unlocking opportunities through the African Continental Free Trade Area. 

  • Strengthening post-pandemic socio-economic recovery and the attainment of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. 

  • Strengthening multilateralism, including working towards real reform of global governance institutions and strengthening the meaningful participation of women in peace processes.”

Narendra Modi Speech Highlights: PM Modi's Independence Day 2023 Speech on  Manipur, Dynasty Politics & 5-Year Guarantee
Source: The Quint

    7. Key Highlights from PM Modi’s Independence Day 2023 Speech 

15th August 2023 marked India’s 76th Independence day and 77th year of independence. Prime Minister (PM) Modi delivered his 10th consecutive Independence Day address. Let’s take a look at it:

  • Launch of Vishwakarma Yojana- Aimed to uplift barbers and goldsmiths.

  • PM batted for a peaceful resolution to the Manipur crisis. 

  • Empowering Border Village which is being transformed under ‘Vibrant Villages’ initiative. 

  • Empowerment of Middle Class and Women- PM pledged to strengthen the middle class and women-led development in the coming years. 

  • Vision for New World Order- After the pandemic, the world changed a lot like after World War 2, and India was compared to a transformative figure, "Vishwamitra."

Prabal, India's first long-range revolver, launched - Hindustan Times
Source: Hindustan Times

    8. India's First Long-Range Side Swing Revolver ‘Prabal' Launched 

India’s first long-range side swing revolver ‘Prabal' (.32 bore revolver) launched with twice the range of other revolvers for civilians and arms dealers.

This Prabal revolver boasts a firing range of up to 50 meters, as stated by the officiating director Rajiv Sharma.

  • Features - 



Manufactured by 

Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited 


675 grams 


50 meters, double the range of civilian handguns 


  • Chrome-plated barrel

  • Side swing mechanism for loading/unloading bullets


~190 millimeters


Smart Cities awards: Madhya Pradesh is the best state, Indore retains the  top spot | Zee Business
Source: Zee Business

   9. Indore and Madhya Pradesh clinched top honours in India Smart Cities Awards 2022

These places highlighted their exceptional urban development efforts whereas Surat and Agra secured second and third positions.

Top City and State Recognized:

  • Best City Award: Indore has been named the best city in the India Smart Cities Awards 2022 for its remarkable track record. It has maintained its spot as the cleanest city in the Swachh Bharat Mission for 6 consecutive years.

  • Best State Award: Madhya Pradesh has been recognized as the best state in the Smart Cities Mission for its significant commitment to urban development through the implementation of multi-sectoral projects aimed at improving citizens' quality of life.

Second & third rank holders- Top Smart Cities:

  • Second Best City: Surat secured the second spot among the smart cities for its notable efforts in urban development.

  • Third Best City: Agra claimed the third spot for its initiatives contributing to the Smart Cities Mission.

Cleanest for six years, Indore best Smart City; MP top state | Indore News  - Times of India


Source: TOI

 10. Indore has secured the top position in the Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan-2023

In the category of cities with a population surpassing 10 lakhs, Indore bagged the top spot in the Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan 2023 conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board, in the category of cities with a population exceeding 10 lakhs. The survey’s outcome not only portrays the city’s dedicated efforts but also highlights the overall progress made by several cities in MP.

Madhya Pradesh Dominates the Rankings

Madhya Pradesh dominated the Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan 2023 particularly in the category of cities with a population of more than 10 lakhs as out of the top five positions, two were secured by cities from this state. While Indore claimed the prestigious first position, Bhopal bagged the fifth rank. Madhya Pradesh’s proactive approach to tackling pollution and promoting cleaner air quality is commendable. 

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