Top 10 Highest Paid Lawyers in India

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Three organs of the government that functions in India are Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. In our country, though the polity is dual, the Judiciary is integrated. There is only one unified judicial system in India, which is the Indian Judiciary. A large part of this institution is lawyers who help provide justice to the citizens. Whenever a layman desires a lawyer (lawyer turned advocate) to fight their case, one most significant characteristic they look for in a lawyer is their experience. The more experienced, the better chances they have to win their cases. Such experienced lawyers are difficult to find in this era of heavy competition in the said field. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that such experienced lawyers will charge hefty fees for their services. So, we have tried to derive these 10 names of the highest-paid lawyers in India in 2023. So, let’s check this out!

1. Fali Sam Nariman (Approx Rs. 10 lacs to Rs. 15 lacs)

Fali Sam Nariman is undoubtedly considered one of India’s top attorneys. He is also a renowned Senior Advocate and judge of the Supreme Court of India. As we know, Fali Sam Nariman has been a master in various issues of Indian constitutional law; he holds expertise in it. This man played a significant role in getting a deal done between the victims and the accused outside of the court. He even appeared in important cases like the TMA Pai Foundation case, the Golak Nath case, etc. Hence, his contribution did not go unrecognized, and he received Padma Vibhushan in 2007 from the then president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

2. Gopal Subramanium –  Approx Rs. 5 Lacs to Rs. 8 Lacs

One of the wealthiest lawyers in India, Gopal Subramanium graduated from the University of Delhi. Has both India's Solicitor General and the head of the Indian Bar Council, making him one of those renowned Indian attorneys. He also held the position of additional solicitor general from 2005 to 2009 prior to this. He even headed the Indian Bar Council while he was the country's solicitor general. He participated in a number of important cases, including Novartis v. Union of India & Others and the BALCO case. Subramanium also served as a member of the Justice Verma Committee, which made critical recommendations for amendments to the law, particularly for women and children.

3. Harish Salve – Approx Rs. 12 lacs to Rs. 14 lacs

Among the richest attorneys in India is Harish Salve. He is a well-known and respected lawyer because he served as the Solicitor General of India from November 1, 1999- November 3, 2002. Today, Harish Salve is still an active attorney. Additionally, he has defended major corporations including ITC Limited, Tata Group, and Reliance Industries Limited.

Salve is best recognised for his legal work, particularly for his advocacy of the underprivileged and the poor. Additionally, he has contributed to a variety of social causes, such as the defence of human rights and the battle against poverty. He defended Kulbhushan Jadhav in the infamous case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ)

4. K. Parasaran – Rs. 10 lacs to Rs. 12 lacs

One of the most renowned and successful attorneys in the nation is K Parasaran. Numerous well-known clients, such as the Hindu parties in the Ayodhya land dispute case and Nair Service Society in the Sabarimala issue, were successfully defended by him in court. K Parasaran is a Madras Law College alumnus. Parasaran has received numerous honours throughout his illustrious career of more than six decades, including the Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan. According to internet reports, his salary is between Rs. 10 lacs and Rs. 12 lacs.

5. Abhishek Manu Singhvi – Rs. 6 lacs to Rs. 11 lacs

He has defended a number of well-known people, including Rajiv Gandhi, the late Indian prime minister. Singhvi is a talented author who has written numerous books on legal and political subjects. Additionally, he has made appearances on several television networks as a legal analyst. According to sources on the internet, he charges between Rs. 6 lac and Rs. 11 lac for each performance. Almost of Indians are familiar with the name Abhishek Manu Singhvi. He is not only a lawyer but also a well-known politician. Abhishek is a member of the INC Indian National Congress and represents West Bengal in Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian Parliament (INC).

6. Palaniappan Chidambaram – ₹5 – ₹10 lakh

Palaniappan Chidambaram is a well-known lawyer and politician in India. He was a former finance minister, attorney, and member of the Indian National Congress in addition to serving as prime minister of India.

Palaniappan Chidambaram, better known as P. Chidambaram, is unquestionably one of India's richest and most powerful lawyers. He attended the University of Madras and Harvard Universities (One of the Best law faculties in the world).

One of the people in India who has contributed significantly and in a variety of ways to the expansion and improvement of his country is Palaniappan Chidambaram. One of his better books is "A View from the Outside," in my opinion. My life was greatly touched by this book, and I learned a lot from it.

7. K. K. Venugopal – Rs. 7 lacs to 10 lacs

One of the best advocates in the nation is K. K. Venugopal. Over the course of his more than three decades in the legal profession, he has established himself as one of the nation's most brilliant legal brains. He has successfully defended a range of clients in court, and the legal profession is well aware of his abilities.

If you require legal counsel from KK Venugopal, you can be required to pay a significant sum of money. He is said to charge between 7 and 10 lac rupees in fees.

8. Salman Khurshid – ₹5 lakh

Salman Khurshid is one Indian lawyer who has shown that the law is not just for people trying to escape a normal life. Even as a lawyer, you can still succeed financially. Salman studied at Delhi's St. Stephen's College and Oxford's St. Edmund Hall.

He currently holds positions as a law professor, senior advocate, distinguished author, and politician. According to my research, Salman gets at least Rs 5 lakh for appearing in court.

He has handled many Supreme Court cases in the years after he was admitted to the Indian bar. After being elected as an MP member of parliament in 1991, Salman Khurshid decided to pursue politics, though he didn't totally give up his law practise.

9. C. Aryama Sundaram – ₹5.5 – ₹16.5 lakh

C. Aryama Sundaram is one of the Indian attorneys I admire the most. He is one of those daring lawyers who can speak up and condemn any action taken by the government that violates the letter of the law.

C. Aryama Sundaram is reportedly one of the richest and priciest lawyers in India. According to my research, C. Aryama Sundaram has handled hundreds of cases effectively, considerably expanding the legal sector in India.

For instance, in the well-known S. Rangarajan case, which resulted in one of the landmark decisions on Article 19(1)(a) the right to free speech and expression, C. Aryama Sundaram was the one who presented the legal case in support of the decision.

10. K.T. S. Tulsi – ₹5 lakh

K. T. S. Tulsi is a prominent criminal law practitioner in India. He is a politician as well as a prominent advocate in India's Supreme Court. K.T. S. Tulsi has handled hundreds of Supreme Court cases in India since being admitted to the bar.

According to my research, K.T. S. Tulsi is currently one of India's richest lawyers. When called to the witness stand in a court matter, his attendance fee is at least Rs. 5 lakh.

This is as a result of the widespread belief in his abilities. He has also been appointed the Additional Solicitor General of India.

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