How to vote when living in a Different City?

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Are you wondering whether you can vote in the elections if you are away from home and unable to travel on election day? Well, you are not the only one. As per the census report, there are around 46 crore internal migrants, making up about 37% of the total Indian population. 

An internal migrant is someone who has moved from one place to another place in the same country, either for education, work, livelihood or other reasons. These people can't vote because of time or money factors, unable to travel back home during the election, and their votes go uncounted. 

So, what is the solution here? This blog has got you covered if you live away from your registered voting constituency. 

Here's a simple guide on how to vote even if you are living in a different city or state:

1. Check Voter Registration Status 

Before anything else, make sure that you are a registered voter. You can verify your registration status online through the Election Commission of India's official website from here or by contacting your local Electoral Registration Officer.

2. Apply for Voter ID Transfer

If you've moved to a new city but want to keep voting where you originally registered, you will have to apply for a voter ID transfer. To do this, fill out Form No. 8 to move your voter registration to your new area. You can get this form online or at the closest Electoral Registration Office.

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3. Submit Documents 

When you are filling out the transfer form, remember to include proof of your current address in the new city. This could be a rental agreement, utility bills (water/ telephone/ electricity/ gas bill), or a residential certificate from local authorities. Keep these documents ready when you apply for the transfer.

4. Verification

After you submit all the required papers, the Electoral Registration Officer will start the verification process. They might even visit your new home in the city to confirm the information you've provided in your application.

5. Confirmation

Upon successful verification, your voter ID will be transferred to the new constituency. Depending on the mode of communication you opted for during the application process, you'll receive a confirmation either through mail or electronically.

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6. Cast Your Vote

On election day, go to the polling station assigned to your new area. Remember to bring your updated voter ID card or any other ID required by the Election Commission.

7. Exercise Your Right

Finally, exercise your right to vote for the candidate of your choice. No matter where you are, your vote helps shape our democracy and decides the future of India.

What about Students?

If you are a student and want to enrol as a voter at a college or university, you will have to include a bona fide certificate from the head of the institution with other supporting documents. 

So now that you know it is possible to vote while away from home, get your name on the voters' list and make every vote count. 

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