AILET PG 2022 : New Exam Pattern

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All India Law Entrance Test is a national level law entrance exam, conducted all over the country for admissions to the LL.M programme at the National Law University, Delhi. This year, it shall be held on June 26th, 2022, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Recently, NLU-D has changed the Exam pattern for AILET. This year the paper will contain both objective and subjective questions. Therefore, it is necessary for the candidates to go through the updated pattern, to prepare accordingly.

The modified pattern of the AILET PG Exam is as follows

The paper will have 2 Sections:

  1. Section A will have 100 Multiple Choice Questions 

This section will have two parts :

  • Part 1 contains 50 questions based on English language for 50 marks.

  • Part 2 contains 50 questions based on Legal Reasoning for 50 marks.

  1. Section B will have  10 Subjective questions from different branches of Law; like       

  • Jurisprudence

  • Constitutional Law

  • Family law

  • Law of torts 

  • International law

  • Criminal law

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Law of Contracts

  • Property law etc.

However, a candidate is required to answer any 2 questions from Section B, which is of total 50 marks having 25 marks for each question. Therefore, there are a total of 102 questions for 150 marks.  

  1. The examination will be for 90 minutes i.e. One and a half hours.

  2. The University will prepare a list of 3 times the number of seats for each category, based on marks secured in Section A. 

Section B will be evaluated only when the candidate secures the required marks in Section A.

  1. The final score and rank list will be prepared on the combined marks of both the Sections 

  2. In Section A, There will be a (1) mark for every correct answer and (-0.25) for every incorrect answer.

  3. If 2 or more candidates secured the same marks in the exam, their merit will be decided by taking into account either their age or through a computerized draw of lots.

Tips to prepare for the exam

The number of students giving the exam is less than CLAT PG, however, the total seats are also very limited; thus, the candidate is required to get a very good rank to secure a seat at the prestigious NLU-D. Therefore, students should prepare with the correct approach and strategy to lock a seat in the college

The following pointers will provide the candidates with a direction for their AILET PG preparation.

  1. Make a study plan and stick to it.

  2. Study for around four to five hours each day and try to maintain consistency.

  3. Study from reliable books and sources for AILET preparation and make notes, flow charts and diagrams wherever necessary.

  4. Read the Bare Act for Constitution law, Contract law and Criminal law etc.

  5. For the English language part, try solving general English language questions from any competition exam book.

  6. Download AILET previous year papers and solve them.

  7. Examine each mock test after solving and focus more on those areas where you scored fewer marks.

  8. Read blogs, articles, legal news daily.

  9. Practice subjective questions by reading and writing daily.

  10. Try to complete the syllabus at least one month before the exam. 

  11. Revise the notes regularly. Keep that one month for practising mock tests.

  12. Practice mock test during the official timing of the exam; i.e. 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

  13. As the exam is for 90 minutes and to complete the exam on time, the candidate is required to maintain a good speed. For that, a daily reading and writing habit can help the candidate to perform well on the day of the exam.

  14. Do check the NLU-D website for the sample papers based on the new pattern.

Previous pattern Vs. New pattern

NLU-D has time and again changed the pattern of AILET PG. The previous pattern till 2018 comprises of 100 objective and 4 subjective questions, out of which only one question has to be attempted. The objective questions were solely based on legal knowledge. 

In 2019, the subjective portion has been deleted and the paper only comprises 150 objective questions. The duration of exam remained unchanged till date. 

Now, in 2021, the subjective part is included in the paper, with objective questions on English language and legal reasoning. This pattern is an intense modification from the previous years; as earlier the students are required to study the bare act and practice as many multiple-choice questions as possible. However, now they are also required to practice writing answers for the subjective portion within 90 minutes. The exam not only tests a candidate’s legal knowledge but also his English language, legal reasoning and writing skills. Now, the candidate must focus on profound preparation and his speed in the exam, as the new pattern by reintroducing the descriptive questions made the preparation more diligent.


There has been an extreme change in the exam pattern of AILET PG 2022. However; it ultimately revolves around the knowledge of Law. Thus, by the right strategy and preparation, the candidates can clear the exam with a good rank.

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