CLAT PG 2022 Exam Analysis: Subject-wise Analysis & Expected Cut-off

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Do you want to give a headstart to your preparation over other aspirants for the CLAT PG exam?💭 We definitely assume yes, for an answer. But first of all, you must be aware of the most common mistakes the aspirants make during the PG exams, such as making unintelligent choices, not devoting proper time, panicking during the exam, doing improper research, etc. 🤯. So, it's important to overcome these mistakes and start with the preparations beforehand. Then why not begin with the past year's paper analysis?🧠

On 19th June, after much waiting, around 10,000 students all over the country appeared for CLAT PG 2022 exam, with the motto “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning & studying.” Even this year, the exam was pen and paper-based. Previously, a total of 70,277 students registered for CLAT 2021 (UG and PG). In this article, let's do a quick and detailed analysis of the CLAT 2022 PG Exam. The analysis will include:

  1. Syllabus of the exam

  2. Subject- wise analysis of questions

  3. Difficulty level of CLAT PG 2022

  4. Division of Passages subject- wise

  5. CLAT PG 2022 Question Paper & Answer Key

  6. CLAT PG 2022 Expected Cut off

The CLAT PG Exam constituted 120 questions that needed to be answered in 120 minutes (2 hrs.). The general division of questions and weightage of sections is as follows:


Number of Questions

Marks Allotted

Constitutional Law



Other Law Subjects including Contract, Torts, Criminal Law, International Law, IPR and Jurisprudence






Difficulty Level of CLAT PG 2022

The exam in total consisted of 33 pages. Based on students' reactions towards the exam, the level of the CLAT PG 2022 can be considered as moderately difficult.

There were 20 legal passages, each containing six questions related to the passage. The question paper targeted recent legal updates and issues.

Subject Wise Analysis of CLAT PG Exam 2022

Please note that there were some passages in which questions deduced were a combination of two subjects. The questions were based on various important topics under the said subjects: Schools of jurisprudence, collegium system, house arrest, vaccine policy & public health, right to clean and healthy environment, UNCLOS, dowry death etc. 

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S. No.


Number of Questions








Contract Law



Family Law



Criminal Law



Company Law/ Tax Law



Public International Law



Environmental Law






Division of Passages subject- wise (SET- M)

Passage 1: Jurisprudence

Passage 2: Jurisprudence

Passage 3: Constitution

Passage 4: Constitution

Passage 5: Family Law

Passage 6: Family Law

Passage 7: Contract Act

Passage 8: Constitution

Passage 9: Criminal Law (CrPC)

Passage 10: Criminal Law (IPC) 

Passage 11: International law

Passage 12: Contract Law

Passage 13: Taxation Law

Passage 14: Constitution

Passage 15: Constitution

Passage 16: Criminal Law (Evidence Act + CrPC)

Passage 17: Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 & 2015

Passage 18: Constitution & International Law

Passage 19: Contract Law & Tax Law

Passage 20: International Law

CLAT PG 2022 Expected Cut off

  • The expected cut-off for the Top 3 NLUs is around 65.

  • The expected cut-off for the Top 10 NLUs is 55+.

  • And for the remaining NLUs, the cut off expected is 40+. 

CLAT PG 2022 Question Paper & Answer Key

The question paper for CLAT PG 2022 exam disclosed by the Consortium has been attached as PDF in the link below. 

The provisional answer key for CLAT PG 2022 exam disclosed by the Consortium has been attached as PDF in the link below. 


Although the question paper was very lengthy in CLAT PG 2022, candidates who appeared for the exam rated this year’s exam as moderately difficult. The length of the paper made it a bit tough for the students to complete the test within the stipulated time. Next in the row is to determine the CLAT cut-offs 2022, which is the minimum benchmark that candidates need to secure in the examination for securing admission to NLUs. It is released during the counseling and seat allotment process.

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