Nationalist Congress Party: Sharad Pawar Supports Adani?

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When you read the article’s title, were you confused that it was about Indian National Congress? But no, this article is about Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). The majority of people are confused between Nationalist Congress Party and Indian National Congress. India, like any other democratic state, has elected representatives serving and representing a political party. Active participation of the public in the electorate process is what makes democracy a huge success in India.  

Just like every other citizen, fundamental rights are guaranteed to the political representatives as well, including freedom of speech and expression. Consequently, their speech and ideologies are what attract controversies and critiques. Indeed, the recent statement of Sharad Pawar, Nationalist Congress Party to NDTV channel enticed attention. In a recent interaction with NTDV, Sharad Pawar advocated and backed Adani Industrial group in the Adani-Hindenburg controversy.

This article discusses the formation and ideology of Nationalist Congress Party and recent statement by its founder. 

How NCP was founded?

 Nationalist Congress Party is the centrist-national party established by three former Indian National Congress members. It was formally founded by Sharad Pawar in June 1999. It was formed as a result of dispute within the Indian National Congress. Sharad Pawar, Purno Sangma, and Tariq Anwar raised objection on election of Italian-born Sonia Gandhi, widow of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, as leader of the party, who will eventually become candidate for Prime Minister if the party secures parliamentary majority and forms central government. Owing to this dispute, these three were expelled from the political party and they themselves formulated NCP with the aim of bringing about positive changes in various fields for the betterment of people. 

  • Since its formation, the NCP has emerged as a significant political force in Maharashtra, and has established its presence in various other states, such as Gujarat, Manipur and Goa. In Maharashtra state, the NCP experienced its biggest election victory.
  • It placed third in the first election it participated in there, for the state legislative assembly, in 1999, winning 58 of the 223 seats up for grabs. In order to create a coalition government in the state, it later joined forces with the Congress Party (which garnered 75 seats).
  • As it won 71 of the 124 seats it ran for in the 2004 assembly elections, the NCP's political clout in Maharashtra hit a new peak (compared with the 69 seats backed by Congress).
  • However, the NCP's total fell to 62 of the 114 seats up for election in the 2009 state elections, while Congress recovered and won 82 seats. The two parties still held enough seats to continue its coalition administration.

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Ideologies of Nationalist Congress Party

NCP stands for a democratic secular society wedded to equality and social justice as well committed to preserve the unity and integrity of the State. The NCP’s manifesto speaks about various promises such as to deal with unemployment, development in sphere of agriculture; health; industry; foreign trade; armed forces, civil aviation etc, women empowerment, strengthening Centre-State relations, effective governance and administration,  and much more. 

NCP’s ideology is centered on the principles of nationalism, secularism, and democracy. It represents itself as a “millennial party with a modern and progressive orientation”

Its election campaign motto is "excellent governance, a stable administration, development-oriented, transparent, and free of corruption." This political party has taken on social concerns head-on and worked to strengthen the educational system by raising standards and expanding access for all students. 

Sharad Pawar: Hindenburg report on Adani 'seems targeted' | News - Times of  India Videos
Source: TOI

Statements of Sharad Pawar on Adani matter

Statements and comments of political representatives aids in shaping and molding views of the general public towards the political party. As such, it’s perquisite for them to be cautious while making a public comment. The NCP leader recently commented on the tassel between Adani Group and Hindenburg Research Report. Hindenburg, US short-seller published a report titled “Adani Group: How The World's 3rd Richest Man Is Pulling The Largest Con In Corporate History” which tremendously impacted the stocks of Adani industries. 

Amid the controversy, various opposition leaders and journalists alleged that Modi-led government had significantly backed and extended extraordinary favors to Adani group. Consequently, NCP leader, being opposition, backed Adani Group and was in spotlight. 

Later on, Congress cleared the air by commenting that although NCP supports Adani, but the coalition of 20 like opposition is still strong and unified. Arijit Pawar, Maharashtra’s leader of opposition, while sharing his views on Sharad Pawar comment, marked that if Sharad as top leader of the party believes in something; the whole party is in favor of it and supports it too.  

It is quite clear now that although freedom of expression of idea of political leaders is protected, must be vigilantly adopted. You never know when one such statement can turn the tables and attract controversy.  

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