Nuh Violence: Communal Violence in Haryana's Nuh District

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Haryana's Nuh district witnessed violent clashes during a religious procession known as the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra in a tragic series of events. The incident on July 31 resulted in the loss of lives, injuries, and extensive property damage. The following day, a mob attacked a mosque in Gurugram and killed its deputy imam.

The Haryana government suspended the internet in many areas and has strengthened security. The situation escalated quickly, leading to the imposition of a curfew and suspension of internet services in the affected areas.

Let's delve deeper into the sequence of events and the measures taken to restore peace and order.

How did Haryana Violence start?

  • Thousands gather for a religious procession advancing towards a Shiv temple in Nalhar. Organized jointly by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, and Matrishakti Durgavahini, the yatra procession, consisting of approximately 2,000 people, was flagged off from Gurgaon's Civil Lines and was in its third year.

  • The Yatra was scheduled to pass through various temples in the district and was to be concluded by evening.

  • Alleged slogans raised tensions during the march, leading to stone-pelting at Khedla Mod in Nuh around noon.

  • The clash resulted in two home guards' tragic deaths and many others injured.

Nuh Clashes in Haryana- Timeline of Nuh Communal Violence

The Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra, a religious procession, turned into a scene of violence on a fateful day in the Nuh district. Here is a timeline of the events that unfolded:

How Violence in Haryana's Nuh Unfolded: An Eyewitness Account
Source: The Quint

10 am: Thousands Gather for the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra

At 10 am, a large crowd assembles for the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra, which commences in Nuh near Nalhar. The Yatra is a revered event, expected to pass through various temples in the area before culminating by evening.

Nuh Violence: Schools In Gurgaon, Faridabad, Palwal To Remain Closed;  Internet Services Suspended - Oneindia News
Source: Oneindia

12 pm: Slogans Raised and Stone-Pelting Begins

Tensions escalated at noon when some members of the procession allegedly raised slogans, provoking stone-pelting. The incident reportedly starts at Khedla Mod in Nuh, leading to the outbreak of violence.

Delhi Police on alert amid communal violence in Haryana's Gurgaon, Nuh  areas; 4,000 cops deployed in Faridabad | Delhi News - The Indian Express
Source: The Indian Express

4 pm: Clashes Spread Across Nuh

By 4 pm, clashes have spread throughout Nuh, engulfing the entire district. The situation spirals out of control as vehicles, police stations, stores, and gas stations fall victim to arson. In a distressing turn, some individuals wielding weapons fire into the air, adding to the chaos and fear.

Haryana : Mobile Internet Services Suspended | Odisha Samaya
Source: Odisha Samaya

5.30 pm: Mobile Internet and SMS Services Suspended

In a bid to control the escalating conflict and safeguard lives and property, the Haryana government has taken a crucial step by suspending mobile internet and SMS services in Nuh. The suspension will be in effect until August 2, aiming to curb the spread of misinformation and rumours.

Communal violence during yatra in Nuh; 3 killed, internet snapped | Latest  News India - Hindustan Times
Source: THe Hindustan Times

6 pm: Violence Engulfs Neighboring Areas

As the evening sets in, the violence spills over to Nuh's neighbouring areas, including Sohna in Gurgaon, Hodal in Palwal, and Ballabgarh in Faridabad. The situation becomes a matter of concern for law enforcement and local authorities, who must deal with unrest in multiple regions.

Clashes spread throughout Nuh, torching vehicles, police stations, shops, and petrol pumps. Some individuals resort to firing arms in the air.

Who is Monu Manesar?

  • Monu Manesar is the most Controversial Figure in the Nuh Communal Violence. Amid the unfolding tragedy of the Nuh communal violence, one figure emerged in the spotlight Monu Manesar. 

  • A wanted Bajrang Dal member implicated in a double murder case. His alleged presence in the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra procession raised concerns and heightened tensions during the unfortunate incident.

  • Prior to the Yatra, he had posted a video on social media announcing his intent to participate in the procession and encouraging others to join him. This declaration triggered alarm among several Nuh organizations, who issued warnings of potential "consequences" if he were indeed present.

Additionally, during the Yatra, it was observed that most of the vehicles displayed 'gau rakshak' stickers, indicating a connection to cow protection activism. Furthermore, there were allegations that some participants carried swords and sticks, adding to the tension and potential for violence.

Measures to Restore Peace in Nuh District

As the violence continued to escalate in Haryana's Nuh district during the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra, authorities took swift action to contain the situation and ensure the safety of residents. Two significant measures were implemented to restore peace and maintain law and order:

Haryana Clashes: Section 144 Imposed in Gurugram, Educational Institutions  To Remain Closed on Tuesday | 10 Points | India News, Times Now
Source: Times Now

1. Imposition of Curfew:

  • In response to the deteriorating security situation, a curfew was imposed in Haryana's Nuh district. The curfew aimed to prevent further clashes and maintain peace in the region. 

  • Under the curfew, residents were instructed to remain indoors, and the assembly of people was strictly prohibited to prevent any gatherings that could exacerbate the violence.

  • The authorities sought to prevent further violent incidents and restore calm by restricting movement and gatherings.

2. Suspension of Internet Services:

  • Recognizing the potential for misinformation and rumours to fuel the conflict, the Haryana government made the crucial decision to suspend mobile internet services in Nuh and Faridabad until August 2. 

  • This measure was taken to curb the spread of false information, which could further aggravate the situation and incite violence.

  • Suspending internet services was a precautionary step to prevent the dissemination of misleading or inflammatory content that could escalate tensions and hinder the efforts to restore peace

3. Heightened Security:

To address the rising communal tension and ensure the safety of residents, security measures were intensified in Nuh and other areas affected by the violence. Law enforcement personnel were deployed to maintain a visible presence and deter any potential troublemakers from inciting further unrest.

 4. Chief Minister's Pledge for Strict Action:

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar responded to the tragic incident by pledging to take strict action against those responsible for the violence. Holding the culprits accountable for their actions became a top priority for the government to bring about justice and restore faith in the rule of law.

5. Peace Appeal:

In a bid to promote reconciliation and healing, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar appealed to the people of Haryana to maintain peace and harmony in the state. He emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity among communities, urging citizens to work together towards a more peaceful and inclusive society.

As per the latest reports, Section 144 was imposed in Nuh, Gurugram, Faridabad, and other districts. The Haryana government has requested the Centre to send 20 companies of the Rapid Action Force for a week to maintain law and order in the state. Moreover, schools will remain closed in Gurugram and other violence-afflicted areas on August 2.


The recent communal violence in Haryana's Nuh district during the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra has devastated the region. These kinds of communal violence not only pose a threat to public trust in law and order but also highlight the growing atmosphere of hatred and distrust among religious communities, which ultimately jeopardizes the country's internal security. The reaction to the violence during the religious procession event came in the form of a mob attacking and setting fire to a mosque. Such ‘mob justice’ incidents could erode the public’s trust in law and order.

The Home Ministry reported that in 2020 India saw a 95% rise in the cases registered regarding communal clashes. Frequent riots and incidents of communal violence also hamper the economy of the afflicted regions. The taxpayers bear the brunt when public property is damaged during the clashes. It’s high time we start addressing communal tensions. Do tell us in the comment section below How can we contribute to maintaining communal harmony within our country?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What was the cause of the communal violence in Haryana's Nuh district?

The communal violence in Haryana's Nuh district was triggered during the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra, a religious procession, when alleged slogans were raised, leading to stone-pelting and subsequent clashes.

2. Was Monu Manesar present during the violence?

While there were allegations of Monu Manesar's presence during the religious procession, police sources later clarified that he was not present during the violence.

3. How did the government respond to the situation?

In response to the escalating violence, the government imposed a curfew in Nuh district and suspended internet services in Nuh and Faridabad until August 2 to restore peace and control the spread of misinformation.

4. What were the consequences of clashes?

Communal clashes had severe repercussions, including loss of lives, injuries, destruction of property, and erosion of public trust in law and order, in various regions of Haryana.

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