Top 10 Current Affairs May 2023

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We are back with our monthly wrap-up, to keep you informed and up to date with the latest current affairs. Be it the news of demonetization or the auction of the sword of a legend, the month of May was anything but boring. So don’t worry; we won’t keep you waiting for long. Let’s have a look at the current affairs for the month of May!

Top Current Affairs of May Month 2023

1. Inauguration of new Parliament building 

On 28th May, 2023, PM Modi inaugurated the new Parliament building which Taj Projects Ltd constructed. The new building can seat 300 members in the Rajya Sabha chamber and 888 members in the Lok Sabha chamber. The new Lok Sabha chamber has a peacock theme and Rajya Sabha's theme is based on the National Flower, Lotus. Along with this, the Prime Minister also installed the Sengol with Nandi in the Lok Sabha chamber.

2. Neeraj Chopra Becomes World No.1 in Men’s Javelin Rankings

Neeraj Chopra, who won the men's javelin gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, now holds the top spot for the first time. Neeraj Chopra is in first place with 1455 points, 22 more than Anderson Peters of Grenada. The Indian javelin thrower, who peaked at World No. 2 on August 30, 2022, has lagged behind incumbent world champion Peters ever since.

3. ISRO successfully launched the 2G satellite into its intended orbit.

NVS-01, a second-generation navigation satellite, was successfully launched by ISRO utilising a GSLV rocket with a cryogenic upper stage. India's regional navigation system would be strengthened by NVS-01, which would offer precise and immediate navigation.

4. India's unemployment rate at a four-month high in April 2023

The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) reports that the rate of unemployment in India increased to 8.11% in April, a four-month high, from 7.14% in March 2023. The increase in labour force participation, which increased to 41.9% in April from 39.7% in March, is what caused the unemployment rate to increase. 95% of the 20.3 million rural Indians who entered the labour force found employment. Only 50% of the 5.2 million people who entered the labour force in urban India did so.

5. World Press Freedom Index, India ranks 161 out of 180 countries

India's position in the 2023 World Press Freedom Index has dropped to 161 out of 180 nations, according to the most recent report from the international media watchdog Reporters Without Borders. India was rated 150th in 2022. Norway is placed first for the seventh year running, followed by Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. North Korea (180th), China, and Vietnam make up the final three. The Index is founded on five factors: political, economic, social, cultural, legal framework, and safety.

6. Tipu Sultan’s Sword Created New Auction Record in UK with GBP 14 million

Tipu Sultan's legendary sword was discovered in the royal bed-chamber, but last week, at Bonhams in London, it broke all auction records for an Indian object by selling for more than GBP 14 million. A magnificent gold koftgari hilted steel sword known as a Sukhela, which is a sign of authority, was used by Tipu Sultan between 1782 and 1799.

7. RBI withdraws Rs. 2,000 denomination notes

The RBI decided to discontinue the Rs. 2,000 notes. The printing of these notes was discontinued in 2018–19, and they were initially issued to address the immediate need for cash following the demonetization process in 2016. People are encouraged to visit bank branches in order to exchange and deposit Rs 2000 notes. For both account holders and non-account holders, there is a restriction of Rs 20,000 for exchanging these notes at once. The Rs 2000 banknotes will continue to be accepted as legal money despite the withdrawal and can still be used by people for transactions. The RBI advises customers to deposit or exchange their notes at bank branches before September 30, 2023.

Did you know? As of March 31, 2023, there was a 3.62 lakh crore worth of Rs 2000 notes in circulation, making about 10.8% of all notes in circulation.

8. UTSAH Portal and PoP Portal launched by UGC

The Professor of Practice (PoP) portal and the 'UTSAH' portal were both recently launched by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in an effort to improve the standard and efficacy of higher education in India. With the development of these portals, the higher education industry hopes to increase collaboration, access, and transparency. These programmes support the strategic objectives of the National Education Policy 2020.

9. Article 239AA of the Constitution of India

The Supreme Court's five-judge panel issued a unanimous decision on May 11 that resolved the conflict over power between the Delhi administration and the Centre. The decision reaffirmed the federal structure established by Article 239AA and stated that the Delhi Government had the upper hand in managing NCTD. However, the decision has been nullified by an ordinance promulgated by the President of India.

10. PM Modi conferred with the highest honours of Fiji and Papua New Guinea

PM Modi received the highest distinction from Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Sitiveni Rabuka, the Prime Minister of Fiji, presented him the "The Companion of the Order of Fiji" in recognition of his international leadership. In honour of helping to advance the unification of the Pacific Island countries, Papua New Guinea bestowed the Grand Companion of the Order of Logohu, its highest civilian decoration, to PM Modi.


As mentioned before, the month of May has been quite eventful. Staying informed about current affairs helps broaden your perspective, enhances your understanding of issues, and enables you to actively participate in discussions and for some, help you in preparations of your competitive examinations. We have covered the top 10 current affairs of the month but it is always suggested to read more and keep yourself updated with all that is happening within and outside of your country. 

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