Career in Law: A great opportunity

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“Make crime pay, become a lawyer” - Will Rogers
The desire to enter a legal profession is basically drawn from inspiration. Previously, law was a family profession as most of the law aspirants took the inspiration from their family members. From Mahatma Gandhi to Barack Obama, the list of inspirators who have used the legal profession as a stepping stone to greatness, runs long and wide. Nowadays, law have become widely popular in India as it has evolved with time and law aspirants tend to seek the profession of law out of interest and the interest is no longer related to it being the family profession.

Legal Profession seems very charismatic, but what makes a person a good lawyer? it’s probably the communication and speaking skills although the most significant skill that one need to have is logical reasoning and rational thinking. One need to be able to look at matters objectively and come to their own conclusions.

The roles of the lawyers have evolved with time and not restricted to mere litigation or practicing in the courts. For layman, law generally means system of rules and regulations that are legally enforceable but for a legal profession it means a lot more than just a system of rules and regulations, it encompasses different fields such as litigation, IP, Media, Professorship and many more.

What are the most preferred Career options in Law?

The careers enshrined below are the most sought careers options one can choose from after pursuing law (BA.LL. B or BBA.LL. B etc.) from a law college.


The most traditional career option is the litigation i.e. to “practice law” in the courts as an Advocate. In order to choose the litigation as a career in law it is crucial for any fresh legal graduate to learn the basics under a Senior Advocate. The graduates are supposed to qualify the Bar exam and can hold specialization in any field of law such as Constitutional Law, Family Law, Taxation Law etc.

Corporate Lawyer

One may work with a corporate or a company as an in-house legal counsel, advising on legal matters concerned to its business. An in-house counsel plays a crucial role in drafting, vetting and negotiating contracts; ensuring and monitoring compliance with rules and laws along with handling legal disputes.

Law Firms

These are business entities engaged in the practice of law. A trend that has evolved in the last few years is to shift from a solo practice i.e. litigation to well-organized law firms, that comprises of various lawyers working together as one entity. As part of a law firm, one advises clients about their legal rights and recourses as well as various other legal matters. Some of the renowned law firms in India are: Amarchand Mangaldas, AZB & Partners, Khaitan & Co, Luthra & Luthra, Trilegal and various others.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Processing Outsourcing (LPO) is the delegation of core legal operations such as making first drafts of cases, compliance work, legal research, etc. to an external advocate. The assigned task is completed on the basis of set parameters and fixed timelines. One can become an important part of reputed MNCs by seeking a career in LPO, although it is the easiest and least preferred job by most of the law graduates among these most preferred career options.

Social Work

Few law students also prefer to join Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work for social causes either after becoming a law graduate or even some of the students often intern under NGO during their law school studies. One who is passionate about socio-legal issues, then joining a NGO is the right avenue for them. One may work with NGOs and Civil Society Organizations on issues based on environmental protection, gender concerns etc.


A career that not only permits you to pursue your interests and work on research projects, but also offers a broad degree of flexibility and autonomy and pays you to read, talk and think.

Judicial Services or Civil Services

The State Judicial Services Examination organized by the High Courts for their respective states is a safe and sound option for those who wish to pursue a stable government career. One may also opt for the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, that is the most prestigious examination in the country. For example: Chhattisgarh Judiciary Exams are organized by PSC whereas MP Judiciary examinations are organized by High Court.

Emerging Career Options in Law

Legal Content Writing

Legal Content writing jobs are the most popular, new aged jobs trending in India. Law students mostly prefer this job as it enhances their research and analytical skills, with a nice pay-roll. One who holds sufficient knowledge of legal awareness or law along with good content writing skills can pursue for this career option. Content writing jobs these days are not only limited to high- quality contents but also extends to high- quality videos published on YouTube etc.

Law Enforcement 

Law Enforcement is the most fulfilling of all the other career options for a lawyer. Many people who work in law enforcement are able to leverage their natural skills in communication and awareness to safeguard the society. This, coupled with training that they gain through a criminal justice or other degree program, can prepare them for becoming police officers to detectives, prosecutors, agents, administrators, and many more.

Military- Jag

Many law students want to know how can a law graduate join Indian army after graduation? Well! there is a special entry for all eligible law graduate to join the Indian army known as (JAG) Judge Advocate General entry. The post of JAG is held by a major general who is the legal and judicial chief of the Army. 


Certain elements that media law include is censorship, defamation, intellectual property or privacy. For a student to build a career in media law as journalist, the first stepping stone is to join a law school. With over $ 6.58 billion worth of FDI flowing in Indian media industry, one requires to practice vetting, negotiating and drafting.


If one is smart, presentable and not afraid to voice their opinion, Law is definitely a career one should pursue! Law is a career that requires a lot of patience and rational thinking as well as logical reasoning skills and the career options in the field of law is constantly expanding. Of course, lots of hard work and dedication to become a successful attorney. First generation lawyers obviously face multiple issues in their profession as is true of every other profession. Great communication and speaking skills along with the ability for critical analysis are pre-requisites for lawyers. Therefore, one should properly analyse these points before opting for law as a career.

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